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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many caregivers would be assigned to us?
A. Up to three caregivers may be assigned to any given family situation.


Q. Will our loved one get the same caregiver(s) continuously?
A. Yes, and your loved one may be assigned up to three caregivers to cover all scheduling possibilities.
We strive to create a comfort level in the relationship that everyone can depend on.


Q. How many years of experience do your caregivers have on average?
A. On average, 10 or more. We take pride in hiring experienced, mature adults, both male and female.


Q. What certifications do your caregivers maintain?
A. Our caregivers are either trained as CNAs (Certified Nursing Assistants) or HHAs (Home Health Aides).
HHAs are required to also be trained in first aid and CPR.


Q. Do your caregivers go through criminal background checks?
A. Yes.

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